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After three years, finally the debut album "Walks of Life" is finished. "It's hard to start something from scratch but in the end it is worth all the hard work," says Amira.

It all started in Ghana 2007 A meeting between several cultures portrayed in the form of music as Amira, half Swedish and half Egyptian, met with Kwame, a full-time musician from Accra. Amira has always had a passion for traveling and so she discovered a language that she had previously been too shy to speak - music. "It was probably after a long stay in Jamaica that she became interested in the rhythms and of course mainly reggae . Since the early years, she has written lyrics and poetry, but not until she met guitarist / producer Kwame that it was composed . The two met when Kwame, who has long been active in the Ghanaian reggae scene was being interviewed by a local television station where Amira happened to be in the place.

Their first creation was Hurting a song which is also included on the album. They then went into a home studio and recorded a demo album, which received good response from local radio stations. In 2008 the duo relocated to Sweden and started over from scratch. "Most of the material was already there but now we wanted the technical expertise. We are delighted to have the chance to work with talented musicians and sound engineers," says Kwame .

The result is the album"Walks of Life" an explosion of different rhythms and influences that they choose to call Roots music. The music is danceable, melodic and soft and the message is always fundamental with a deep sense of conciosness that gives the listener insight and self awareness . A new form of roots reggae that addresses a wider audience, "The name of the album" Walks of Life "is an expression of how we all walk on different paths in life, but at some point they cross" says Kwame.

Amira El Sineity